step 1 


How does this work? 

To achieve our mission, we will pledge 10% of all invoice or annual contract monies to support the Non-Profit business of your choice.

Example #1, if your one-time invoice is $106.00 (including 6% Pa Sales Tax) we will donate $10.00 to an approved Non-Profit business of your choice:  $106.00 - $6.00 = $100.00 x 10% = $10.00

Example #2, if your annual contract is $10,600 (including 6% Pa Sales Tax) we will donate $83.34 per month over 12 months to an approved Non-Profit business of your choice:  $10,600.00 - $600.00 = $10,000.00 x 10% = $1,000.00 divided by 12 months = $83.34 per month rounded up

 step 2 


Why do we have this pledge?

We consider ourselves a hybrid company because our mixture of for-profit mentality that drive our non-profit vision. 

Our 10% pledge allows us to support existing non-profits rather than trying to "re-invent the wheel" by making another non-profit organization.

 step 3 


Choose a Non-Profit business that you feel is worthy for your money to support. 

We have provided a list of Non-Profit businesses to help aid in your search.  The list below is not exhaustive so feel free to find your own selection.

*Please not we reserve the right to deny a business for any reason, however, we will make every effort to honor any request.

 step 4 

get started

This pledge only works if you partner with us.  So make the decision to get excellent service from us and help others in the process - start today!

This is simple.  You utilize our outstanding services with our very competitive prices, in turn, a portion of your money directly supports our community and important global causes.  By doing this we hope is to inspire others to think outside-the-box to achieve something bigger and better by working together!

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